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Methods of Knowing if you are a Parent who is Overprotective

Parents who are overprotective generally want to protect their children from hurt, harm, unhappiness, pain, rejection and bad experiences. It sounds like it is admirable when a person hears a parent offering an explanation but people need to have a closer look at the experiences that the children have to go through. It puts the parents in a hard position of admitting what they really fear for their children. Parents who are overprotective envision fear in many situations and putting the fear on the kids’ leads to the creation of a child who is emotional and anxious.

The focus of helicopter parenting is not on the kids but on the parents. We are currently living in a time that is highly comparative and informed. In the cases that a person is susceptible, they may find themselves in parenting that is based on anxiety. Such people hover on every move that is made by their children. In some cases what worries the parents is how the children represent them and not the children. Individuals should be excellent when it comes to parenting which makes them reluctant in seeing their kids fail. But parents need to ask themselves if they are really shielding the children from failure because they are good parents or they just want people to see them as good parents.

Overprotective parents pay dues to their children with credit cards while healthy parents let the children work it off. Parenting that is healthy involves a process of giving guidance, support, and training the healthy growth of a child and development that is mental, social and emotional in a way that will make the children depend on themselves. Parents who speak for their children by answering a question directed to the children are overprotective. Such parents make excuses when their child behaves badly and believe that the children need to be given second chances in mistakes that they make.

Such parents feel that it is their obligation to help the children in rising to ranks that people accept socially. Because of the constant talks on how their children are good, it creates a situation where parents look more of agents instead of just being parents. Additionally, the parents are frequent visitors at school to be updated on the performances of the children. However, kids should just be allowed to be kids and not create perfectly decorated children.

Overprotective parenting results in the creation of a situation where children are trying to escape. Because of the fear that is already instilled in them which is a part of the way they think, in the end, they realize that they cannot escape. It is not an effective method to raise children considering that it will not assist in instilling values and virtues to a child.